The Core TeamConspirers + Dreamers

Two graduates from the fields of design, journalism and media are the founders of The Shift. With over ten years of work experience each, they decided to create a place where good design, hard work and play do not occupy mutually exclusive time slots. They share a love for travel and adventure, and a common goal of creating a portfolio they would all be proud of.

MaitreyeeNational Institute Of Design

Design Lead
Over 12 years of experience in the field of visual communication, brand experience and events. Core strengths lie in design thinking, design strategy and concept development.

JagpreetOperations & Partnerships

10 years of experience in Project Management & Implementation, Events, Production, Operations & Logistics. His superpower lies in converting concepts and designs into reality.


IIM (Ahmedabad) alumni with 8 years of experience in Strategic Research and Insights. His role is to guide the team in translating research insights into design solutions for brand experiences. Responsible for steering the team when they get too distracted.